Camilla Kerslake reveals battle with overeating and starving herself

Camilla Kerslake, 30, reveals she battled ‘unhealthy cycle’ of anxiety, overeating and starving herself three years ago in emotional Instagram post

‘Barely eating’: Camilla in 2015, at the height of her struggles

She’s the glamorous soprano who is a fixture on the London party scene.

Despite Camilla Kerslake’s apparent confidence, however, she has revealed she had an eating disorder which saw her weight drop to seven stone and which has taken years to get under control.

The British singer, 30 – who married former England rugby captain Chris Robshaw, 32, in June – admitted she suffered from crippling anxiety and found herself in an ‘unhealthy’ cycle of binge-eating and then starving herself.

Posting a picture of herself from 2015 on Instagram, she wrote: ‘I may look happy but I was hardly sleeping, not exercising and barely eating at all. My anxiety was all-consuming and destroying my health and my BMI and body fat percentage were seriously low.’

She spent the ‘next couple of years in a cycle of massive overeating’ which involved ‘putting on loads of weight and then starving myself to lose it’.

But three years on, she says she is ‘starting to get a handle on things again’. Regular exercise and healthy eating mean her weight has stabilised.

‘I do worry with all the over-indulgence over the festive season I may fall off the wagon and start the vicious cycle again but my anxiety is under control now and I’m learning it’s entirely possible to have balance.’ Her message was praised as ‘brave’ by her followers.

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Support: The British singer married former England rugby captain Chris Robshaw, 32, in June

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