Cardi B & Offset Reunite At Strip Club & He Raves She Looks ‘Scrumptious’ In Little Red Dress

If there’s anything that can patch up a fractured marriage, it’s a …trip to a strip club? Clearly, it worked for Cardi B and Offset, since the seemingly reunited couple was seen living it up down in Atlanta.

“Hey, Lil mamma. What’s your name?” Offset said to a lounging Cardi B in an Instagram Story the Migos rapper uploaded in the early hours of Oct. 13. In the clip, Cardi, 28, is busy on her phone, relaxing after a long night out with Offset, 28. The two were spotted making it rain at Allure, a “gentleman’s club,” in Atlanta, days after they reunited at Cardi’s birthday party. After the night out, Offset teasingly catcalled his wife. “What’s your name, Lil mama? I’m trying to get to know you. You want me to get to know you, baby? I need to get to know you. Because you look scrumptious.” “I’m hungry,” responded Cardi. Clearly, they weren’t serving any food at Allure (and when Offset said he “had something you can eat” to Cardi, he wasn’t talking about a slice of pizza.)

Before hitting up the club, Offset took a Boomerang of Cardi posing next to one of the many expensive cars in their Atlanta mansion’s garage. Once they got inside, the couple lived it up among the patrons who clearly weren’t observing any social distancing (though one dude, in a hoodie, was seen wearing a mask.) In a series of Instagram Stories, Offset showed how Cardi was covered in diamonds – from her fingernails to her ankles to the jewel-encrusted choker around her neck. When it was all said and done, and the two had their fun, Offset and Cardi retired back to their home.

Does this mean the divorce is off or was this just a friendly night out between two soon-to-be exes? Cardi B split from her husband of three years on Sept. 15, filing the papers in Georgia. Cardi was seeking a dissolution of the marriage, claiming there were “prospects for reconciliation.” Days later, she would go live on Instagram to explain the reasoning behind her filing. “The reason for my divorce is not because of none of that sh*t that ever happened before. It’s not because of cheating,” she said, referencing Offset’s prior infidelity. Cardi said she wanted out because she was “tired of…arguing” with Offset.

“Nothing crazy, out-of-this-world happened. Sometimes, people really do grow apart,” she said. “Sometimes you’re just tired of the arguments and the buildup. You get tired sometimes, and before something happens, you leave.”

Cardi’s papers stated the divorce was contested, and Offset proved he wasn’t ready to let go of the marriage. Ahead of Cardi’s birthday, he bought a billboard on the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood. It featured Cardi and Kulture, her 2-year-old daughter with Offset. “Happy Birthday, Mommy,” it read. Offset also joined Cardi in Vegas. He gifted her a $330k Rolls Royce SUV, with matching car seat. Cardi and Offset kissed during the party, hinting that they were back together.

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