Cardi B Shades Chris Wallace & Wants To Step In As Moderator For Next Presidential Debate After Debacle

Cardi B recorded a slew of videos with her own commentary during the first presidential debate, throwing shade at moderator Chris Wallace and telling her fans ‘I wish I was there.’ See her videos here!

Cardi B is ready to be tagged in for the next presidential debate. The “Money” rapper, 27, took to Instagram the evening of September 29, recording footage of the debate while sprinkling in her own candid commentary throughout. During the evening, Cardi was clearly on former Vice President Joe Biden‘s team, and was ready to step in and take on President Donald Trump herself!

Maaaannnn I wish I was there

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But first, the Grammy-winner had some words for moderator Chris Wallace of Fox News. “I can tell he’s on Trump’s side,” Cardi said during one of her videos, pointing directly at Wallace while he was on her TV screen. “This moderator needs to be replaced right now,” she yelled. Clearly, Cardi was not impressed with how the debate was being run. She even captioned the clip “Maaaannnn I wish I was there,” signaling that she might have been able to retain control of the chaotic debate.

I’m getting hot …..TAG ME IN

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As the evening continued, it became even more evident how frustrated Cardi was becoming with Trump’s behavior. During a segment in which Trump told Biden, “don’t ever use the word ‘smart’ with me,” Cardi yelled at her TV as if she was trying to coach Joe through the moment. “Don’t laugh,” she yelled, even encouraging the former Vice President to tell the current Commander In Chief: “you dumb!” The rapper was more than ready to fight for her candidate, captioning the clip “I’m getting hot …..TAG ME IN.”

Like let’s talk about the economy recovery!

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One of Cardi’s final videos featured the rapper digging in on the economy and Trump’s policies. As the nominees went back and forth on economic recovery, Cardi pointed out that when President Barack Obama entered the White House is 2008 he inherited a terrible recision. “The economy was already down, so, all those eight years he was building it up.” Cardi also added that when Trump entered office, the economy “was already good.” Cardi even yelled at her TV screen “you didn’t do that,” directing her comment at Trump. Finally Cardi encouraged Joe from her couch to “hit [Trump] with the facts!”

By the end of the evening, having Cardi has moderator might have added some semblance of control to the entire debate as the first of three presidential debates shocked pundits and viewers alike. Throughout the evening, Trump continued to interrupt Biden, and the President refused to condemn white supremacy yet again. Next Wednesday, October 7, Vice President Mike Pence and Vice Presidential nominee Kamala Harris will debate for the first time. The second presidential debate is slated for October 15, and will be town-hall-style, with a final debate scheduled for October 22.

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