Carly Pearce Debuts Ode To Loretta Lynn At Grand Ole Opry

Carly Pearce paid tribute to Loretta Lynn by performing an unreleased song during her appearance at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville on Saturday.

“Dear Miss Loretta” is an ode to the legendary country music star.
Pearce told the Opry crowd that she has never met Lynn, but she has always loved and admired her.

“My grandma introduced to me to her music when I was a little girl and made sure I understood that if I was going to sing country music being from Kentucky— I had to know the importance of Miss Loretta Lynn,” Pearce noted on Instagram.

She added, “I’ve always loved her, but it wasn’t until the last year that I really FELT what she’s sang about all these years— and just how much we really do have in common.”

The 88-year-old Lynn released the 50th studio album of her career, titled Still Woman Enough, last week.

(Photo: Allister Ann)

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