Catelynn Lowell Posts Wildly Inappropriate Response to Texas Mass Shooting

Like nearly all Americans, Catelynn Lowell reacted in shock and horror to last week’s mass shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas.

Unlike most Americans, however, Catelynn Lowell used a really weird and very insensitive meme to share her thoughts on this tragedy.

While also exploiting the massacre for personal gain.

Really, not her finest moments all around.

As you likely know by now, an 18-year old gunman opened fire inside of a classroom at the aforementioned school last week, murdering 19 students and two teachers in the process.

He was eventually killed by authorities, but not until local police officers milled about outside of the building for nearly an hour, reportedly awaiting instructions and/or approval before entering.

It was a true disaster all around.

For reasons that truly defy comprehension, Lowell photoshopped an image of herself — in a fancy gown, from some kind of red carpet event — in front of Robb Elementary School.

Under Catelynn’s edited photo, she included the headline: “Dear Children of America, It’s Not Supposed To Be This Way.”

The Teen Mom star then captioned the post as follows: “I cannot stop crying.”

She tacked on a a crying face emoji and added “#linkinbio” because the link inside of her post took followers to an article inside Catelynn’s online magazine about the incident.

As you might expect, social media users responded to Lowell’s response here… and were truly stunned.

Why did she include a picture of herself in the tribute?

Why is she wearing an expensive dress in the picture?

How could she direct readers to an article that makes her money with every click, thereby earning cash off the mass shooting?!?

“Can’t stop crying link in bio….. Jesus. And that smile, how can you be so tone-deaf?” wrote one aghast follower.

Added another:

“I was never the hugest fan of Cate’s but I could tolerate her for the most part though I agree with you this is downright disgusting.”

Agreed a third:

“Why is Caitlynn [sic] pretending that she is cheerfully posing for a picture in front of the school where 21 people were murdered?”

This is not the first time Lowell has faced backlash for her social media posts.

Last year, for example, the MTV star was slammed for posting a clickbait story that implied her daughter Carly had died.

Catelynn and her husband, Tyler Baltierra, welcomed Carly when they were teenagers and placed her for adoption as a newborn.

She later shared a link to an article on her Instagram Story that she captioned: “Devastating News about Carly,” with a broken heart emoji.

Also not Lowell’s finest moment, although at least in that case she was just pretending someone had died.

In the case of this Texas shooting, she basically exploiting the actual death of over a dozen young children.

She has since deleted the post.

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