Catherine Oxenberg Says Alleged Sex Cult Recruiter Allison Mack’s Parents Ignored Her Attempts To Help

While former television star and alleged sex cult recruiter Allison Mack awaits her trial on criminal charges for human trafficking and racketeering, Dynasty star Catherine Oxenberg says Mack’s parents ignored her attempts to help amidst the sex cult crisis, as Radar Online revealed.

Oxenberg’s daughter, India, escaped the NXIVM cult, lead by Keith Reniere, last year. The former actress wrote a book about the ordeal and after a fan reached out to her to ask if she ever reached out to Mack’s parents to offer her help, she revealed that she had, but her attempts where rebuffed.

“I tried but to no avail,” Oxenberg responded to the fan, per Radar Online.

As Mack awaits her trial, she is under house arrest in her parents home in California. She has plead guilty to the charges against her, and insiders have stated that after Mack recruited them to be a part of the alleged sex cult, which masked itself as a self help and leadership group, Mack would control their eating and bathroom habits, and allegedly had naked photos as blackmail against former members so they would resist leaving the group.

Members of NXIVM were also reportedly trained to become sex slaves for Keith Reniere, and additionally were forced to do manual labor at the shared home they resided in. The victims were threatened to have the naked photos of themselves released if they did not comply.

Rolling Stone reported that in December, Mack’s legal team filed a document that cited cases involving Scientology and Harvey Weinstein to support her existing motion to dismiss the case against her.

“The government argues that Ms. Mack obtained forced labor through ‘threats of serious harm,’ with serious harm being the embarrassment that would result from the exposure of one’s collateral. Courts have found, however, that such an outcome, albeit embarrassing, does not amount to serious harm under the statute,” the documents revealed.

They also cited a 2009 civil case against the Church of Scientology brought on by Clare and Mark Healy where they had sued the church, and ultimately lost, for forced labor.

“The court did not find that plaintiffs were compelled to remain in the organization even though, if they chose to leave, they would be ‘excommunicated’ from their friends and family and labeled a ‘dissenter,’” Mack’s lawyers continued on in the pleading.

During a hearing earlier this month, Mack’s former friend Lauren Salzman filed for a motion for severance against her and Keith Reniere, which would grant a second trial for the disturbing case.

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