Catwalk star: Face blunder ops have left me a recluse

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The supermodel, 56, claims it “destroyed my livelihood”, sending her into a cycle of deep depression which has made her a recluse.

Indicating she was taking legal action, Linda said she was “righting a wrong that I have suffered and have kept to myself for over five years”.

She said: “I was brutally disfigured.

It… left permanently deformed, even after two painful, unsuccessful, corrective surgeries.”

Linda says she developed paradoxical adipose hyperplasia (PAH). This is when fatty tissue grows instead of shrinking after freezing and is allegedly a rare side-effect of firm Zeltiq’s CoolSculpting – the brand name for the procedure cryolipolysis.

She added: “PAH not only destroyed my livelihood, it has sent me into a cycle of deep depression and self-loathing. I’ve become a recluse.”

Zeltiq’s parent firm Allergan has been asked to comment.

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