Cazzie David: Fans Urge Pete Davidson Ex to NEVER Take Him Back!

Grandson is over. By which we mean that Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson split, mostly because of bad timing.

Now, some fans of Pete’s ex, Cazzie David, think that those two will get back together.

In fact, they fear it — and are publicly urging Cazzie to keep Pete out of her life.

Fans who admire Cazzie David are terrified that Pete will come crawling back to her — and that she’ll accept.

“Don’t take him back,” implored one of Cazzie’s fans. “I REPEAT don’t take him back!!”

For the record, she wasn’t saying that she would and he wasn’t saying that he was going to try to reconnect with her.

“Girl we all knew it wasn’t gonna last,” wrote another follower.

That follower continued: That relationship was pure lust. You are too good for him.”

We can’t agree with the characterization that Pete and Ariana were only dating for the banging, but sure, that was part of it.

Others didn’t flock to Cazzie’s social media to give advice. They just wanted to share their opinion.

“Honey,” one announced. “You won the breakup.”

That doesn’t sound like a healthy way to look at a breakup.

“Yup he got his karma,” declared another. “Living the luxury life now it’s cut off.”

Pete wasn’t with Ariana for her money and he’s not exactly a pauper himself, but okay.

“If ur lowkey sad about Pete,” wrote another. “Just know that u honestly lost nothing.”

That’s supportive but also mean.

Cazzie and Pete broke up a relatively short time before Pete started dating Ariana.

(Ariana had recently broken up with Mac Miller — the same good timing that brought them together became bad timing and split them up)

Cazzie hasn’t exactly been outspoken about Pete’s relationship with — and engagement to — Ariana.

Instead, she responded to the news with a tongue-in-cheek Instagram post: “Been in Africa. What’d I miss??”

That sounds cheerful enough.

And that’s no less than what we’d expect from Larry David’s daughter and a woman who’s an actress, writer, and comedian in her own right.

Cazzie never even publicly responded to the rumors about Pete Davidson’s impressive dong.

(But you know that people in her life had to be itching to ask her about it, right?)

But we don’t see any reason for her fans to “worry” that she’ll go running back to Pete.

First of all, they had broken up before he and Ariana hooked up. He just moved on really quickly. That happens sometimes.

Second of all, Pete is reportedly deep in his feelings about this Ariana business.

It’s always possible that he and Cazzie could date again, since exes try it again all of the time.

But it doesn’t seem likely.

News about Ariana and Pete’s split broke over the weekend.

Ariana has also shared that she is stepping back from social media because she is feeling overwhelmed.

“Ok today was v special and i’m so grateful i was able to be there,” Ariana wrote to her fans and followers.

Ariana then announced: “Time  to say bye bye to the internet for just a lil bit.”

“it’s hard not to bump news n stuff that i’m not tryna to see rn,” she explained.

“it’s very sad and we’re all tryin very hard to keep goin,” Ariana concluded. “Love u. and thank u for  bein here always.

When it comes to news that Ariana would rather avoid, it comes in two forms.

One, speculation about her split with Pete. She understands that people are curious, but she just wants to avoid seeing it right now.

We totally get that.

Two, people are still discussing her late ex, Mac Miller, who’s death is believed to have been one of the nails in the coffin of her engagement.

We hope that Ariana and Pete get the space and emotional support that they need right now.

And we kind of hope that fans, well-meaning or no, stop telling Cazzie David what to do with her life.

She knows what she does or does not want.

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