Charles & Diana’s Royal Wedding Will Not Be Part Of ‘The Crown’ Season Four

Many fans of The Crown are looking to watch one big thing in the new season, which is premiering on Netflix this weekend – the royal wedding!

However, it looks like you won’t get to see the actual wedding.

Stars Emma Corrin and Josh O’Connor, who play Princess Diana and Prince Charles in the series, revealed just why the actual wedding was not filmed and won’t be shown.

“We never re-create things just for the sake of re-creating them,” Emma stated in a new interview with THR. “I think if we do re-create a scene — like the engagement scene, for instance, when they do the announcement — it has to be because it’s linked to something that the characters are going through. It has to be part of the story. It has to further the plot.

Emma added that the real wedding is actually available to watch online anyhow.

“You could be watching it in 10 seconds so I don’t think there’d be any point in us re-creating it.”

Josh adds, “That’s The Crown for you. That’s why The Crown is so good. Peter Morgan isn’t interested in showing you the wedding because, yeah, Emma’s right, you just go on YouTube and you can watch it.”

“I think all the historical events are important for punctuating so that the audience know where we are,” he explained. “He’ll put in Thatcher’s election, and that’s literally just to tell the audience, ‘Right, this is where we are,’ rather than putting up on the screen ’20th of December 1981,’ or whatever. He basically signposts it using historical events. But what’s more interesting, because Charles and Diana have to be a certain way on their wedding day, you don’t see the nuance; whereas when it’s behind closed doors, [like] the rehearsal, we have more license to create and fictionalize.”

The Crown season four premieres on Sunday, November 15.

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