Chelsea Houska: Hiding a Baby Bump? Pregnant With Fourth Child?!

Chelsea Houska is different from the other moms in the Teen Mom franchise in one very important way:

While Jenelle Evans and company serve as dire cautionary tales, Chelsea is a walking happy ending.

Ever since Houska married Cole DeBoer, it's seemed as though her life gets better with each passing year.

And now, Chelsea may be hiding even more good news:

Fans suspect that the South Dakota native is pregnant with her fourth child!

Yes, many Teen Mom obsessives have been poring over Chelsea's most recent pics, and they're convinced she's concealing a baby bump.

Take a look at the evidence and decide for yourself:

1.Knocked Up?

2.What to Expect When Chelsea's Expecting

3.Easing Off the 'Gram

4.Give It Away Now

5.The Evidence?

6.Bumpin' Out

7.You Make the Call

8.Let the Speculation Begin!

9.Bump Detectives

10.Premature Congratulations?

11.Details, Details


13.Bumping Along

14.Could Be!

15.A Feeling

16.Rushing to Judgment?

17.Booze Clues

18.Knocking 'Em Back

19.Case Closed?

20.Then Again …

21.The Pattern

22.If Ya Got It, Flaunt It

23.Another DeBoer?

24.Why Not?

25.Going Out on a Limb

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