Chelsea Peretti Will Not Be in ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ Season 7

Chelsea Peretti exited her role as a series regular on Brooklyn Nine-Nine after season five, but she still made a handful of appearances in the sixth season of the hit comedy series.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine moved from Fox to NBC in season six and the new network has already renewed the series through season eight.

The new season just premiered and one of the show’s stars, Terry Crews, opened up about whether or not we’ll see Chelsea this year.

“As far as I understand, I think she’s always in the family. She came back a couple times last season, which was awesome. I didn’t see her this season, but with season eight, there’s always something,” he told People. “You gotta understand one thing about Brooklyn Nine-Nine. We are a family. And it’s almost like one of our family members went off to college. It’s no beef, it’s all good. These are my brothers and my sisters in every way. Chelsea is one of the most talented women on television. No doubt.”

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