‘Chicago P.D.’s Jesse Lee Soffer: The Team Is In ‘Disarray’ After Olinsky’s Death

‘Chicago P.D.’ returns for season 6 on Sept. 26, and there’s so much coming up for Halstead. HollywoodLife talked EXCLUSIVELY with Jesse Lee Soffer about the team in the aftermath of Olinsky’s death, the crossover event, and more!

Chicago P.D. season 5 ended with the tragedy of Olinsky’s death. When the show picks up for season 6, there’s a lot for the team to process. HollywoodLife spoke EXCLUSIVELY with Jesse Lee Soffer at NBC’s New York Press Junket about how the team is going to be impacted by the loss of Olinsky moving forward.

“The team is going to be in disarray for a while because Ruzek and Antonio are going to have a lot of beef over how they think that situation should have been handled,” Jesse said. “Ruzek’s on one side of things, Antonio’s on the other, so they’re going to butt heads like crazy in the first couple of episodes. The team is really going to be kind of a jumbled mess. Who’s in charge right now? Who believes in who? Who trusts who? So, it’s going to be shaky.”

Jay went through a lot last season in addition to losing Olinsky, and there are more hardships ahead for the beloved detective. “This season, right away, he’s going to get thrown for a loop,” Jesse continued. “There’s going to be a tragedy in the family, which is going to be a big part of the first three-way crossover because we’re all on the same night now, and he’s going to have deal with that. I’ll just say that one of his family members is involved. He’s going to have find himself again.”

While romance is not in the cards for Halstead at the moment, Jesse still has hope. “Time will tell,” he said. “I think he’s more ready for it now. He’s kind of found himself again, but it hasn’t been written. We’ll see.”

Anne Heche will also be joining the cast of Chicago P.D. as the Deputy Superintendent Katherine Brennan. “She’s going to shake things up even more, especially for Voight, because her character is a climber who wants to get ahead and will protect her own ass at all costs,” he teased. “She’s going to do whatever she has to do, even if it means throwing other people under the bus. There’s going to be a lot of drama there.” Chicago P.D. season 6 airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. on NBC.

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