Chris Evans: Virgin Radio DJ issues warning to family: ‘It will end in tears’

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Chris Evans, 54, revealed his children have learnt a few tricks to get out of going to bed at bedtime, showering, homework and general things kids just hate doing. But the father-of-five doesn’t hold back and uses an old saying that echoes from his own childhood.

They’re doing something they don’t want to do to prevent something they don’t want to do!

Chris Evans

Speaking to his co-stars Rachel Horne and Vassos Alexander on Tuesday morning, Chris told them about his children’s cheeky tactics.

“I don’t mid saying to my kids ‘It will end in tears,'” he said, explaining he doesn’t say it in a threatening way, he just acknowledges that it probably will.

“They don’t even like playing with each other but it’s just better than having to go to bed,” he giggled.

“And the reason it ends in tears is because it has that built up frustration conflated with the fact they don’t want to go to bed and they don’t want to play with each other.”


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He continued: “So, they’re doing something they don’t want to do to prevent something they don’t want to do! It’s a recipe for disaster!”

Chris seemed to be reading a passage from a book about parenting and sneaked in a little dig at Vassos whilst reading it aloud.

“If taking part in rough and tumble with their dads, youngsters might be learning to behave better,” he read before spluttering: “Unless your dad is Vassos.”

His co-star seemed taken aback before he burst out laughing.

“I don’t know why I said that,” Chris chuckled, as his pal admitted his observation was “true”.

He continued to read that physical play including being chased or tickled, is good for babies to learn how to control their feelings, noting getting too aggressive is sometimes “frowned upon”.

The radio host compared his own experiences with one-year-old twins Walt and Boo, who love to jump on top of their dad, unaware that they’re growing bigger and heavier by the day.

“I lie on the floor sometimes and they just jump on me, they win me now!” he said.

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“They’re just a bit too big and it hurts!”

Chris and wife Natasha welcomed the twins Chris used to refer to as Ping and Pong, back in 2018 and admitted he felt fatherhood was different when they came along.

Talking to Sam Claflin on his Virgin Radio show last year, Chris said: “The thing with having twins is that I am closer to both twins now than I was with both Eli and Noah at the same age.

“Because there was [only] one of them and mum does most of the natural things.

He added: “But with twins you get to have the other, you get to have one all the time.


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“You are a full-time parent, and it changes your relationship.”

He also revealed how he thinks men should have more time to care for their newborns.

He explained: “It was definitely a trying time, being a new father and trying to go back to work.

“Men should get more paternity leave, so many men are expected to go back to work so soon after having babies.”

The Chris Evans Breakfast Show continues weekdays at 6:30am on Virgin Radio.

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