Chris Evans: Virgin Radio host reacts to Joan Collins’ ‘skinny’ remark about Judi Dench

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Chris Evans, 54, welcomed Dame Joan Collins onto his Virgin Radio show on Friday morning and the pair discussed all things acting to the costumes and jewellery she’s donated to theatre actions amid the coronavirus pandemic. It wasn’t long before they started reminiscing on old times before Chris was left in hysterics by her comment on legendary actress Judi Dench’s weight.

That was a joke!

Joan Collins

Joan once appeared on Chris’ entertainment show TFI Friday, that was broadcast on Channel 4 in the 90s.

The former BBC host revealed that they were going through a particular phase of weighing all celebrity participants and he boasted he still remembers what she weighed at the time.

“We weighed you, do you remember Joan?” he giggled, as they joked about the old days.

“I do! But I don’t remember how much I weighed,” she replied, before asking if Chris did.


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“I do and I’ll never forget it!” Chris exclaimed, as Joan pressed for the exact measurements.

“Seven two,” he stated confidently, but Joan didn’t believe him.

“Impossible!” she responded.

“That would be as skinny as a rake. I’ve never been less that eight and a half stone,” she insisted.

The radio DJ was left dumbfounded as he was proved wrong.

“Oh right OK, maybe our scales were wrong then,” he said sheepishly.

Joan continued: “Judi Dench maybe?” as Chris suddenly hooted with laughter.

“Joke! That’s a joke!” she quickly confirmed.

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“God, you have to be so careful what you say these days,” she giggled, as Chris struggled to catch a breath.

“I think humour has gone by the board a bit.”

But while Joan was trying to clarify her joke, Chris was still reeling from the fact he had gotten her weight wrong.


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“I thought it was seven two,” he shook his head.

“Let me check, because I know who to call to check that out,” he insisted, before complimenting the actress’ “fine form”.

The Chris Evans Breakfast Show continues weekdays at 6:30 am on Virgin Radio.

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