Chris Sails Mocks Queen Naija’s Boyfriend for Gifting Her a Birkin Bag

After seeing a video that shows Clarence White giving his girlfriend an orange Birkin bag in a party, Chris says that Clarence did not buy the lavish present with his own money.

AceShowbizQueen Naija and her boyfriend, Clarence White, continue to go strong as a couple. The latter recently spoiled the singer-songwriter by gifting her a Birkin bag during a party, though it looked like her ex-boyfriend Chris Sails was not here for it and mocked Clarence.

In some footage making its way round on social media, Clarence was seen smirking at the camera while his girlfriend opened a box that revealed an orange Birkin bag. The YouTube personality got so excited after learning what she got she started to dance happily, as people continued to record the moment.

It was truly such a happy occasion for both Naija and Clarence, but Chris Sails apparently had some doubts whether Clarence bought it with his own money. He posted a video on his own page that found him saying, “Hold on, hold on, hold on. First of all, Clarence did not get her a Birkin. Queen got Clarebear that money and Clarebear got her the Birkin.” He then bursted into laughter while holding his newborn baby.

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Naija had responded to the clip but she was clearly unbothered. Rather than hitting back, she decided to use this opportunity to promote her new single. “Anyway my new single ‘BITTER’ feat. Mulatto drops Tuesday,” she said.

Chris and Naija started dating in highschool before tying the knot in 2014 at 19 years old. The then-couple also launched a YouTube channel called “Chris and Queen” in 2016 that featured popular song covers, videos of them doing couple-related challenges and many more. Soon, trouble in paradise ensued when Chris had an affair with another woman and this issue came into the public’s eyes. They officially parted ways in 2017 after Naija filed for divorce.

Following the breakup, Naija began dating Clarence and welcomed their first child together, a son named Legend Lorenzo White. Naija also has a son, CJ, with Chris.

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