Chrissy Teigen Gave A Passionate Speech At Families Belong Together March With Baby Miles At Her Side

Teigen attended the march with her son and husband, John Legend, in protest to President Trump’s immigration policy.

Chrissy Teigen showed the world that you’re never too young to protest when she attended a Families Belong Together march on Saturday with her husband, John Legend, and their six-week-old son, Miles, at her side. The Lip Sync Battle host took the stage with baby Miles and delivered a powerful, passionate speech in protest of President Trump’s immigration policy.

On Saturday, People reported that Teigen accompanied thousands in the Families Belong Together march in Los Angeles in protest against President Trump’s latest immigration policy, which saw children being forcibly separated from their parents at the Mexican border. The mother of two, 32, decided to give her baby son, Miles, his first glimpse of activism. At the end of the rally, Teigen took the stage with Miles in hand and gave an empowering speech.

“I’m incredibly proud to be the daughter of an immigrant. My mother grew up in a very small village in Thailand and she never lets me forget it,” she said. “America at its best is big, beautiful and diverse, like our great city of Los Angeles,” she added.

President Trump received severe public backlash when he implemented his new immigration policy by separating families at the U.S.-Mexican border in an effort to stop immigrants from entering the U.S. illegally. Rallies like the one in Los Angeles have been popping up all over the country in support of the separated families and Teigen proudly shared a photo of her and Miles at the march on her Instagram, captioning the photo, “baby’s first rally. #keepfamiliestogether”.

baby’s first rally. #keepfamiliestogether

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Teigen went on to share how immigrants contribute to the American way of living. “Too many people demonize immigrants like they’re stealing something from the people born here,” she said. “Immigrants don’t come here to take from us, they add to what makes America special,” she proclaimed.

She also spoke about the “cruelty” of keeping families apart and how the public’s reaction of coming together blindsided the President and his White House officials who helped in reinforcing the immigration policy.

“I cannot even comprehend the kind of cruelty in the hearts of the people who have enacted this policy, but I do know they did not expect us to come together in such an incredible way and incredible numbers to resist this. We are here and we are not going away. We are here because we believe America can and should do better.”

On a lighter note, Teigen also shared a photo on her Instagram of her doing an impression of President Trump, which made it onto CNN, who was covering the march.

my Donald impression made it to CNN. please add to my wiki

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Legend also accompanied his wife and son and debuted his new song, “Preach.”

“I think some of us have a strong temptation to just disengage, but we can’t,” he said to the crowd. “We can’t do that. I can’t do that. I have to do something,” he concluded.

In a surprising turn of events, President Trump signed an executive order, putting an end to the separation of families, which saw over 2,000 children detained in detention camps.

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