Chrissy Teigen tweets about Easter bunny, egg storyline confusion: ‘We’ve gotta simplify this’

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Chrissy Teigen was confused about the Easter storyline over the holiday weekend, at least as it relates to the Easter bunny, dyed eggs and how to explain all the traditions to children.

The 33-year-old former model tweeted her questions to her fans on Sunday morning, asking for clarity.

“Wait what is the Easter story for kids? Why do we hide the eggs? To lure the bunny? Does the bunny hide the eggs? do you put something else out to lure the bunny to hide the eggs? who do kids think hide them? I’m so confused please hurry,” Teigen wrote.

She followed up with more questions in a second tweet, suggesting a simplification of the Easter bunny storyline.

“If you’re supposed to put out food to lure the bunny to hide the eggs, how do we explain why we dyed them? We colored eggs for the bunny, then lured him with carrots, then he came back to grab the eggs we dyed to hide them? we’ve gotta simplify this it makes no sense,” she added.

Many of Teigen’s fans attempted to give their explanations for the fun Easter-morning traditions.

Chrissy Teigen tweeted about her confusion about the Easter bunny and Easter egg storylines and how to explain them to children on Sunday. 

One fan tweeted: “lol wat? the eggs are not for the bunny. the bunny brings the eggs. they're for breakfast/brunch.”

The mother of two wasn’t convinced by that explanation, responding: “Wait what I thought you hide the dyed eggs lol.”

Someone else tweeted saying their family dyed eggs to lure the Easter bunny who would trade the dyed eggs for plastic treat-filled eggs, which Teigen appreciated a bit more.

“Ok this makes the most sense,” she wrote.

Teigen continued her Easter-themed tweets with three videos of her husband, singer John Legend, dressed in an Easter bunny costume and hopping around their yard.

Teigen and Legend, who have been married since 2013, have two children together: Luna, 3, and Miles, 11 months.

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