Christian J Simon, Malachi Barton & Sophia Hammons To Star In ‘Under Wraps’ Remake!

Christian J Simon and Malachi Barton will be starring in the upcoming Disney Channel remake of Under Wraps!

The Sydney To The Max and the Stuck In The Middle actors will be joined by Sophia Hammons, and Disney Fam Jam‘s Phil Wright.

Under Wraps was the first ever Disney Channel Original Movie, and the new remake will be a contemporary comedic take on the 1997 classic.

Here’s a synsopsis: The story unfolds when Gilbert (Simon), Marshall (Barton) and Amy (Hammons) happen upon and awaken a mummy, which they affectionately name Harold (Wright), and must rush to return him to his resting place before midnight on Halloween.

Along the way, the team narrowly escapes a nefarious group of criminals intent on selling the mummy to the highest bidder. When Harold is inevitably captured, Marshall, Gilbert and Amy must band together to stand up to the criminals, face their fears and rescue their new—but rather “ancient”—friend.

Under Wraps is set to begin production this month in Vancouver, and premiere on Disney Channel in 2021.

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