Christina Aguilera Slammed For Charging $5 Extra For Plus-Size T-Shirts At Her Concerts

Christina Aguilera is taking heat from fans as she’s charging an extra $5 for plus sized merchandise on her latest tour. We’ve got how people are calling the size shaming ‘gross.’

Christina Aguilera, 37, has had her ups and downs when it comes to battling her weight. So you think she’s be sensitive to her plus sized fans. A person who attended her Liberation concert tour opening Sept. 25 at the Hard Rock Live in Hollywood, FL posted a pic the merchandise table with gear for her tour. Among the hoodies, t-shirts, and other goods with Xtina’s face all over them, a sign in the middle of the display read “Add $5 for all XXL and XXXL” in big red letters. Now she’s getting flack for it, even though the singer probably had nothing to do with the pricing process.

Sure extra fabric is needed for those sizes, but does it really doesn’t cost so much more to require a $5 per shirt upgrade? That means plus sized fans are being penalized in their pocketbook for wanting to take home a memento from her concerts.That didn’t sit well with some Xtina fans. “Christina. honey. Merch ain’t cute. It’s all one color and then you charge $5 for upsizes? Girl get some help. This is gross. It’s Harry’s merch [email protected] again. Damn azoffs,” one fan tweeted. Another wrote “Is Christina really charging extra for XXL and XXXL sized merchandise? Brutal.”

There were plenty of Xtinastans who came to her defense though. “In fairness to @xtina and being in the licensed apparel business. You see large upcharges for plus sizes. This is an industry standard to charge more, they cost more. Now are they margining out. YES. Do they have a lot of markdowns. YES,” one user tweeted.

Another fan pointed out, “Some people are calling out @xtinas merch team for charging extra for plus size…UMMM.Every. Single. Time. I go to a concert they either don’t even have anything past a size XL or XXL-XXXL (sizes rarely past that.) always cost $2-$5 it’s not JUST Christina.” As for the concert, fans went absolutely wild for her new show and the audience gave her so much love that it caused the singer to break down in tears of appreciation.

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