Cole Sprouse Opens Up About the Biggest Sacrifice of His Career

Cole Sprouse is on the cover of King Kong Garçon‘s Issue 1, out now.

Here’s what the 26-year-old Riverdale star had to say…

On his photography: “I take tremendous inspiration from my immediate surroundings, my environment – it’s a double edged sword because I start to become an emotional sponge.”

On his biggest sacrifice of his career: “The biggest sacrifice is anonymity. You really recognize when it’s gone. A lot of people have a firm understanding when you go into a recognizable, high profile – you are willingly sacrificing anonymity.”

On acting and social media: “This is all just human nature. Social media has given us a platform, and an audience bigger and better than before. From the second you decide to put clothes on in the morning, what you choose to put on from your closet. You are asking for an interaction with your environment that is essentially a type of roleplaying. Humans have been doing this for a very long time but the difference is now we have a consistent audience, and a space that is immediately validating or otherwise, in the form of virtual approval. We are conditioning ourselves and our virtual selves, on how to be a better actor within these confinements.”

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