Colton Underwood Can’t Cope With Becca Kufrin’s Presence On Bachelor In Paradise — But He’s Not The Only One Struggling! Recap HERE!

Poor Colton Underwood.

The former football player and all-American (virgin) boy who, for a time, stole Becca Kufrin‘s heart on The Bachelorette last season, suddenly isn’t looking so strong and composed early on in Bachelor In Paradise.

Not only has Colton been struggling with reconciling his feelings for Tia with his desire to meet new women, but things were flipped on their proverbial head Monday night when Becca showed up in paradise, unannounced!

That alone threw Colton for a loop, but it’s what went down Tuesday that REALLY has him scuffling…

For one, he very clearly struggled when the newly engaged Bachelorette star finally did come see him one-on-one.

At one point, Colton admitted he wasn’t totally over her, saying to Becca (below):

“This whole thing has brought a lot of feelings back that I had just buried. Honestly, seeing you is the last thing I expected today. It sort of messed me up. I came here not knowing if I was ready to get back out there and not knowing what I wanted to do.”


And Becca took it well, saying (below):

“When we said goodbye, it was hard. There was a lot that I think went unsaid. I don’t want it to hinder you or make you question anything. It was just how I was feeling at the time.”

But then… there was Tia talk.

Kufrin at least did come clean to Colton that she met with Tia before eventually sending him home last season on The Bachelorette, saying (below):

“Yes, I saw Tia that day that I sent you home. It wasn’t the conversation though that changed my mind. I had the other guys that I just felt stronger in my relationship and that I felt would fit in my life better.”


But she finishes on a high note, trying to give the poor guy a pep talk with words of encouragement (below):

“You know you’re a strong person. It’s okay to cry. It’s okay to feel things that aren’t always pretty and perfect. Don’t be ashamed to let that out. I find it attractive and I know every girl here will find it attractive.”

OK! And it actually worked!

Becca’s advice pushes Colton forward, and even though on Monday night it looked like he was leaving, by last night’s episode, he had a change of heart and suddenly wanted to stick it out in paradise again!

That’s great! (We think?! As long as he and Tia just move on from each other?! LOLz!!)

Elsewhere in Paradise on Tuesday…

–Model boy Jordan Kimball is back to his bad behavior; Annaliese gave him a rose Monday, but by Tuesday, he’s out on a date with newcomer Jenna, busy riding horses and making out. At least he did the honorable thing and cut things off with Annaliese right afterwards…

David — AKA, Jordan’s nemesis from Becca’s season — tried to swoop in on Jenna at one point early on, but Jordan wasn’t having any of it. As Jordan himself told the cameras, “if there’s one thing that Jordans don’t do, Jordans don’t sweat Davids.” Yeah…

–Tia looks to be set on going all-in with new fling Chris Randone. The pair even makes something of an informal pact with each other not to worry about the girls coming in the next few weeks — a sign that either (a) this will blow up in their faces spectacularly when someone new does arrive, or (b) they really ARE all-in on each other!

–But wait! Chris has ALREADY fucked up! Later in the episode, he gets flirty with Krystal Nielson and engages in a good ol’ fashioned beach make-out session. Ummmm… what happened to Tia, dude?!

–Line of the night comes from Tia, in her vintage Arkansas ways, about Chris’ double-timing of her with Krystal:

“I feel like Chris was blowing smoke up my ass and I also feel like any other woman here should be a little concerned. It’s time to cook the f**king goose.”

Uhhhh… yeah! Whatever that means, yeah!!!

Thoughts, Perezcious readers?! What were your takeaways from last night’s BiP???

Let us know in the comments (below)!!!

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