Couldnt think of anything worse Roman Kemp rules out Strictly stint over injury fears

Roman Kemp on using old tech to tackle 'digital exclusion'

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Roman Kemp, 29, is a multi-faceted radio host and television personality who has been able to combine his presenting duties on Capital FM’s own breakfast show with a number of television stints, including Celebrity Gogglebox. However, Roman has named Strictly Come Dancing as the one television show he would not even consider doing.

He said: “I really couldn’t think of anything worse because for several reasons – it’s a fantastic show, probably one of the best shows on telly – but I would never do Strictly Come Dancing.”

Explaining his reasons, Roman went on: “I can sleep seventeen, 18 hours a day and I could not do that.

“I do the radio, I can’t do it. Then you have rehearsals.

“I know that. I just know that I’ll be rubbish.

“Thirdly, I’m so injury-prone I won’t do it. Like, I’ll break something.”

Roman candidly admitted he would only have joined Strictly for his grandmother.

He explained: “It’s just that show… the only reason I would have done it if my nan was still alive.

“She would have wanted me to do it, and I probably would have done it for her.

“But luckily, she’s not, and she can’t force me.

“I know it would be fun, but it’s just like there’s so many, so many variables in it.

“It’s just that show is the one that always people say to me…” he concluded.

While Strictly may not be on the cards for Roman, the presenter knows how he wants to use his influence in the future to support a cause close to his heart.

After releasing his documentary Our Silent Emergency last year, Roman now wants to focus on his work surrounding mental health.

Our Silent Emergency explores the mental health and suicide crisis affecting young men.

Roman said: “I’ve been doing a lot of work around mental health and things like that, and I’ve quite liked to do some of that this year.

“I think there are a few things that are achievable.

“I think in terms of making mental health a bigger thing within schools and trying to speak to as many people as I can to get some movement going in the Government because it just feels so slow.”

He added: “And that is an answer that I did not think I would give you two years ago. But weirdly, that day was more of a priority in my opinion.

“I just think there are so many horrific statistics surrounding the Government, the school system and mental health. I just don’t understand why it’s not being talked about.

“And so this year, I need to try my best to make sure that it happens.”

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