Critics of Sarah Paulson and Holland Taylor need to back off

Just because there is a sizable age gap between two folks in an otherwise healthy, happy relationship, it doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong. Between consenting adults, you could argue that the old adage “age is just a number” really does hold up and furthermore, it shouldn’t really be a point of contention. But for Sarah Paulson, 43, and Holland Taylor, 75, their 32-year age gap still seems to be something people take issue with — and Paulson is so over it.

In a new interview with The Sunday Times on June 10, Paulson opened up about how people view her relationship with Holland, which has the aforementioned age gap: “People look at me and Holland and say, ‘Mommy issues’, but I parent her as much as she parents me, so that’s not it,” she said.

“Mommy issues”? Ugh. Can’t we leave the armchair psychology behind and celebrate two people who are clearly in a happy, fulfilling relationship?

Paulson went on to defend herself (although she shouldn’t have to), connecting her relationship with Taylor to her tendency to have older friends and why age isn’t really an issue for her, especially when she has dated older women before (previous to Taylor, she dated actress Cherry Jones, who was 18 years her senior).

“I’ve just always had older friends,” she told The Sunday Times. “I think a lot of people have a stunted way of looking at older people, it’s a way of distancing themselves from something that they think will not happen to them. I have the good fortune of being with someone who is older and wiser than I am.”

People also shared Paulson’s memories on how she and Taylor first started dating: their paths crossed again a few years after they met at that fateful party. They followed each other on Twitter, exchanged direct messages and went out for dinner. Not to throw out another cliché here, but as they say, the rest was history.

When Paulson and Taylor went public with their relationship, it was after months of speculation based on their cute, flirty tweets and Paulson’s admission that she was in a relationship that was the “most wonderful and extraordinary thing.”

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In the years since the affection has only grown in leaps and bounds between these two. Although Paulson’s Instagram feed rarely shows Taylor, when the Ocean’s 8 actor does post photos, they’re utterly adorable. This couple is clearly very much in love, so critics be damned. We’re #TeamPaulsonAndTaylor all day, every day.

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