Cute produce savers, an acupressure mat and over-the-door kitchen organizers

Adorable containers for cut limes, lemons, onions and more
From CB: My parents gave me a little lime saver, similar to the one above, and people always ask where I got it. Now that I know there are little garlic, tomato, onion and lemon versions I want them all! These little containers are perfectly designed to match the fruits and vegetables. They have 470 ratings, 4.3 stars and an A from Fakespot. Reviewers call them easy to find because you know exactly what’s in them and say that they also keep produce fresher longer. I bring the little lime saver with cut limes in it in my cooler to parties and picnics. It looks so fancy and people appreciate having a lime to put in their drinks.

A painless detangling brush that reduces damage to wet hair

From CB: Your hair is the most vulnerable to breakage when it’s wet. I’m having issues with my hair thinning and don’t want to risk it. This paddle brush by Wet Brush is under $10 for the black version (it also comes in more colors) and is specially designed to reduce damage to hair. It has over 3,400 ratings, 4.6 stars and an A from Fakespot. People say their hair sheds so much less when using this brush, that it untangles their hair so much faster than other brushes, and that “it untangles hair easily and isn’t too harsh on the scalp.”

An over-the-door kitchen organizer for quick access and more storage

From CB: As I keep mentioning, I’m moving to a new house next month. I have my checklist and it includes getting rid of stuff and being more organized. There is so much more storage space, which is both good and bad for a collector like me. However it’s easy to stick stuff in the back of a drawer and forget it. This little over-the-door organizer is great for often-used items like Windex, cleaning wipes, and sponges. My parents have one under their sink with the Windex in it and you’re never digging around for an item. This has 4.3 stars, over 500 ratings and a B from Fakespot. It’s said to be “perfect for the cabinet under my kitchen sink,” “just right,” and a useful size. Some people even use it in the bathroom. Here’s a link to a similar organizer for things like pans and cutting boards.

A two pack of over-the-door pantry organizers so you won’t hunt for items

From CB: My current house has fixed cabinets and I am constantly digging and misplacing things. So much gets put in the back and lost. With this clear over-the-door organizer you’ll have quicker access to the things you use the most. It’s so affordable at 2 for under $13 dollars. This has an incredible 4.8 stars, over 2,000 ratings and a B from Fakespot. I love the photos of how people are using them. They say these are great for decluttering, that you can organize toiletries and other small items in them and that they’re strong and hold a lot.

Skinny jeans which are flattering, comfortable and affordable

From Hecate: I am a recent convert to skinny jeans, having bought my first pair last year. I never thought they looked good on me but I got a pair with slight stretch and not only are they comfortable, I feel good about myself in them. This pair is by Levi, which I’ve always been a fan of. They received 4.3 stars from 7,311 reviews and Fakespot rates them a B. They come in 17 colors, including pre-stressed denim . Reviewers said “The price was right and they fit me perfectly” and “These jeans are super comfortable with a stretch waist in addition to stretch all over.”

A sleek-looking food scale will help keep you on track

From Hecate: I don’t use food scales as much as I should. But I want to get better about portions this year and a scale is a really good place to start. This one is really nice looking and comes in seven colors so I can match it to the rest of my kitchen. Prices range from $10 to $15 depending on the color. It’s been rated by
20,794 customers who gave it 4.6 stars and Fakespot gave it a B. Of the reviews, one said “The scales are well designed – small enough to slot into the cupboard but big enough to weigh everything I need.” which is key for me as I don’t have a big kitchen and, “I particularly like that the display is large so I don’t have to bend down to see it.” I always have something in one hand and the other is covered in whatever I’m cooking so not having to work to see the numbers is big for me.

An under $20 acupressure mat and pillow for pain relief

From Hecate: I am very eager to see if this works as well as the 4,459 reviewers say it does. My husband’s back has been acting up and I’ve been having bad neck issues so the 4.3 stars rating and A from Fakespot have me encouraged. So do comments like, “We have bought a few of these in the past 5 years and given several of those as gifts”. I recommend reading many reviews, though, because 1) they’re a riot and 2) there are some things about this mat we should prepare for, like “Clearly evil but extremely effective.” and “Bizarre fire torture mat provides great relief!” Some suggest using it with a thin fabric to start, until you get used to it. And many say the pain only lasts a minute or two but right after, you’ll get the results you want. The fact that it comes in nine different colors is just fun.

A wheel of Hecate pendant necklace

From Hecate: This is just a small bonus item as I promised an Instagram friend of mine I would post it. I got this for my birthday, and I love it. It’s stainless steel, not silver, but it’s lightweight. Plus, they wrote a personal note on my receipt, which was sweet.

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