Dakota Johnson Cringes As Director Luca Guadagnino Puts His Hand Dangerously Near Her Breast: Pic

Dakota Johnson looked uncomfortable on Sept. 1 when director Luca Guadgnino put his hand a little too close to her breast while promoting their new film ‘Suspiria’ on the red carpet of the Venice Film Festival.

Dakota Johnson, 28, and the cast of Suspiria happily posed on the red carpet of the Venice Film Festival on Sept. 1 to promote the film but things got a little cringeworthy when director Luca Guadgnino, 47, had his hand a little too close to Dakota’s breast for a photo op. Dakota, who was wearing a white sleeveless lace dress, smiled during the poses but looked a little uncomfortable when she looked down at the moment Luca’s hand was covering her breast area. Although the photos look sketchy, it seems Luca was playfully trying to shield Dakota’s cleavage area, according to onlookers who spoke with The Sun.

Despite the awkward moment, Dakota seems thrilled with her role in Suspiria. The horror film is a remake of the 1970s original and Dakota plays the role of Susie, a young naive woman from Ohio who shows up and finds strange powers at the center of a dance company. Dakota worked hard to learn dance sequences for the film which includes her throwing her body around violently. “It was amazing to discover that I could do that with my body, but it was a lot of work, it was a lot of training,” she told Reuters while in Venice. “I worked for six months before filming. I was filming another movie in Vancouver, the third Fifty Shades movie, and I would go after work or before to train with the trainer.”

Since Dakota is known for the sultry Fifty Shades films, her new role in Suspiria will surely turn heads and show her versatility as an actress. The film doesn’t open in the U.S. until Oct. 26, 2018 but we’re sure it will be worth the wait! She may be the daughter of superstar Melanie Griffith, but Dakota has proved she can step out of her mom’s shadow and stand on her own in the film world!

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Dakota was just one of many talented stars who came out for this year’s Venice Film Festival. Some other major entertainers to show up for the exciting event included Lady Gaga, Lottie Moss and Ryan Gosling. The film festival is one of the most anticipated film events of the year.

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