Damian Lewis is unrecognizable in Rob Ford body suit

Just go ahead and give the makeup team the Oscar.

At first glance, the image above may look like an old picture of the late Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, but it’s actually Damian Lewis — the British actor from “Billions” — filming on Tuesday.

He’s set to star in an upcoming biopic about the colorful mayor, “Run This Town,” and has been subjecting himself to a grueling makeup regimen, which involves wearing a 150-pound body suit for hours on end.

In order to complete his transformation, Lewis had to spend an entire afternoon being covered in silicon strips and breathing through a small hole as the production team worked to mold his portly new physique.

Many felt the television star was a bad choice to play Ford after the casting was first announced, but seeing the uncanny resemblance likely changed a few people’s minds.

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