Dan Walker apologises to Strictly partner Nadiya after addressing ‘incident’ in rehearsals

Strictly: Dan Walker gives an update from the training room

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BBC Breakfast presenter Dan Walker has taken to Instagram to address an “incident” that occured while rehearsing for Strictly Come Dancing with his dance partner Nadiya Bychkova. The sports reporter, 44, sheepishly revealed that he had “elbowed” his partner in the face while practicing this week’s dance, before apologising and going into detail about their upcoming performance.

Sorry about that

Dan Walker

In view of his 224,000 followers, the star addressed the incident which left the Ukrainian-Slovenian dancer checking to make sure she still had all her teeth.

Appearing with the blonde dancer in a short clip on the platform, Dan said: “This week we are doing the Pasodoble to Giant by Rag’n’Bone Man.

“We’ve had to get rid of the stretchy boss from the Quickstep,” he divulged to his fans.

Nadiya quickly corrected him, saying: “You still have to stretch, but yeah, we have the zookeeper now.

“We have various animals which are inspiring bits of the dance,” Dan added.

He went on to reveal that he’s taking inspiration from “gorillas and peacocks” this week, admitting: “It’s a bit weird, but it works.”

However, looking sheepish, Dan went on to explain that rehearsals hadn’t been going completely to plan.

“And also I need to tell you about a slight incident,” he said.

“I, um, elbowed Nadiya Bychkova, my professional partner, in the teeth earlier on -” he said, before Nadiya jumped in.

“In the face,” she clarified.

“Sorry about that,” Dan added, before saying: “But the teeth are in good nick.”

“They’re still there,” Nadiya confirmed.

Dan went on: “The good news is that we don’t need teeth this week because… serious face”

Dan then said while posing: “Look at that, no smiles,” Dan added, before Nadiya burst into laughter.

“Come on, I’m trying to get in the zone!” Dan jokingly chided her.

Yesterday, Dan told his BBC colleague Rachel Burden that he was “struggling” with rehearsals this week.

“How are the legs feeling? Amazing effort on Saturday,” she asked Dan on Twitter.

“Legs are a bit weary. I’ll be honest with you… I am really struggling with this week’s dance,” he replied.

“Nothing went in yesterday. I was just a sweaty mess,” Dan added, with a laughing and dancing emoji.

“Back at it today with @NadiyaBychkova so hopefully something will click,” he went on to add.

Strictly Come Dancing airs on Saturday at 6.45pm on BBC One.

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