Dani Vitale: 5 Facts About Demi Lovato’s Backup Dancer Who Fans Are Blaming For Alleged Overdose

Dancer Dani Vitale is being slammed by fans who think she’s to blame for Demi Lovato’s alleged overdose. Learn why that is, and more about Dani, here.

Dani Vitale, 28, is getting scores of death threats from furious Demi Lovato fans who have unfairly placed blame on her for Demi’s alleged overdose. Demi was at her longtime backup dancer, choreographer, and friend’s birthday party in Los Angeles the night before her medical emergency, and some fans believe that means Dani’s at fault for what happened. Dani hasn’t spoken out about the backlash yet, or at all since Demi allegedly overdosed. Fans have flooded her Instagram comments with snake emojis and straight up death threats, saying things like, “burn in hell,” and “f**king kill yourself.” In the wake of this tragedy, learn more about Demi’s close friend and dancer.

1. She’s Demi’s backup dancer and the choreographer for the Tell Me You Love Me tour. Those fire moves you see on stage during Demi’s Tell Me You Love Me shows? All Dani. Dani’s been dancing since childhood and built her way up in the industry. She once said that she didn’t even take the SAT or ACT in high school because she was so convinced that she’d be a professional dancer! She moved to LA with just $150 before landing her first big gig.

2. She’s actually danced for tons of famous artists. Dani started dancing for the Jonas Brothers in 2010, and was featured on the Camp Rock tour, according to LinkedIn. Could this be how she connected with Demi? She’s also danced for Rihanna, Beyonce, and Katy Perry, and that includes Katy’s Super Bowl halftime show. No, she was not Left Shark.

3. She and Demi are dear friends. One of Dani’s last posts before Demi’s crisis was a lengthy post about her birthday that thanked her for being such a good friend. The two are extremely close. Demi even once posted a photo of her and Dani touching tongues onstage! Demi was at Dani’s birthday party at Saddle Ranch bar/restaurant in LA the night before her alleged overdose. Demi reportedly had another party at her Hollywood Hills home afterward, but it’s not known if Dani was there.

4. She’s dating pro skateboarder Sean Malto. Sean’s one of the biggest names in skateboarding right now. He’s sponsored by Girl, Nike SB, Spitfire, Beats by Dre, Go Pro and Mountain Dew! They frequently post cute pics of each other online, and Sean’s said on Twitter that he’s “so f**king proud” of his “hot girlfriend.”

5. She’s an Under Armour Women Ambassador. Dani was featured in Under Armour Women’s SS17 campaign. The brand has a beautiful spread on their site showing Dani dancing in their gear. She look so graceful and elegant. She shared that she “felt empowered looking at myself in the mirror.”

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