DaniLeigh on DaBaby Split: 'We All Human'

Rapper DaBaby and singer DaniLeigh‘s whirlwind romance may be over, but the buzz about the couple doesn’t seem to be dying down anytime soon. DaniLeigh recently posted on Twitter about the former relationship.

MeMe and DaniLeigh’s feud

DaBaby and DaniLeigh collaborated multiple times before they became a couple. She co-choreographed his music video for “Bop.” Later, he was featured on her single, “Levi High.”

There were rumors about them being in a romance, and these rumors intensified after DaniLeigh and MeMe, the mother of one of DaBaby’s daughters, got into it on social media. MeMe also spoke a lot about the two being together on social media.

“Sis got me blocked, but word keeps getting back to me .. so hopefully the energy is the same in real life,” MeMe once tweeted, adding that she thought DaniLeigh was “obsessed.” Several other subliminal messages were exchanged between the two on both Twitter and Instagram, including one in which DaniLeigh told MeMe to “go get a job.”

MeMe talks about DaniLeigh and DaBaby’s relationship

Fast forward months later and DaniLeigh and DaBaby went public with their relationship before splitting not soon after.

During this whole time, MeMe was quiet about the whole thing, until recently. In an Instagram live, MeMe responded when someone asked if she was “intimidated” by DaniLeigh’s relationship with DaBaby when they were together.

“I’m not intimidated by no b*tch when it comes to n****s I was with for real,” she said in part, as reported by Madame Noire. “It ain’t no smoke, it ain’t no nothing. Honestly, that sh*t ain’t nothing new — you know how many n****s I done god d*mn seen come and go? I hate to say it’s normal or it’s regular but I mean it is — I’m not never worried about no b*tch. Plus I’m secure within myself, I ain’t never needed validation from n****s. I know what I bring to the table, I know what’s up with me. Oh no, it ain’t ever. No — I don’t know it to have no problem with it. I don’t really give a f*ck.”

DaniLeigh addresses the situation on Twitter

After MeMe got on live, DaniLeigh got on Twitter, seemingly addressing what MeMe said. She first tweeted, “Lol sad… but ok….”

She then followed up this tweet with a longer message, writing, “Can’t wait to be disconnected to that situation….in due time …we all human.. we all make mistakes when we in love and dumb.. but it’s all about growing fr .. so I’ll take my lessons and keep goin .. even with all the hate I receive it’s fine… in due time.

DaBaby, who has been quiet during most of the situation, hasn’t said anything yet about this as of yet either.

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