David and Victoria Beckham ‘launch charitable PR campaign to save reputation’ after furlough U-turn

David and Victoria Beckham are hoping to launch a new PR campaign to overhaul their image following Victoria's attempt to use the furlough scheme, according to reports.

Victoria, 46, came under fire last month when she tried to use taxpayers' money to pay staff of her fashion brand, despite her and David being worth a whopping combined £335million.

After the former Spice Girls singer announced she had made a U-turn on the decision, the famous family are now trying to win back the faith of the public by supporting a number of charities.

In recent days, David — who celebrated his 45th birthday in lockdown at the weekend — has been making friendly phone calls to the elderly on behalf of Age UK and Victoria has been making care packages for her neighbours.

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A source said: "David and Victoria's team have gone into overdrive to try to win over the public again.

"They are using their social media channels to reaffirm all the charities they help and remind their people how much good work they do.

"Not long after Posh's U-turn, where she said she would no longer be using the furlough scheme, they started posting about the care packages they were sending out to vulnerable people with Age UK.

"David reposted messages from two charities he’s previously helped. They've been advised to keep reminding the public of all the great work they do to try to take the heat off them.

"But it's all a bit obvious. The public aren't daft, they'll likely see straight through it. But Posh took such a hammering, they're willing to try anything," the insider continued to tell The Sun.

Victoria revealed last week that she has gone back on her decision to furlough some of her employees from her fashion label.

Speaking to The Guardian, Victoria said: "We will not now be drawing on the government furlough scheme."

She explained that it was a joint agreement with her shareholders and senior management to furlough her staff, but they've had a change of heart since then.

Victoria, whose pal Kym Marsh recently defended her decision, said: "At the beginning of the lockdown the shareholders agreed with senior management to furlough a small proportion of staff.

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"At that point we didn’t know how long the lockdown might last or its likely impact on the business. The welfare of my team and our business means everything to me."

A spokesperson added that the company "made decisions as best we could to try and protect our staff."

They continued: "We’ve now reconsidered and we accept there’s a better way forward for our business. These are tough times and tough decisions and we don’t always get it right – all we can say is we are trying to protect our business and our staff."

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