David Dobrik & Liza Koshy Split: Fans Devastated After YouTubers Announce End Of Romance

Say it ain’t so! Famous YouTube couple, David Dobrik and Lisa Koshy, have ended their relationship after two years together, and shared the news with devastated fans in an emotional video. Watch here.

David Dobrik and Liza Koshy have broken up. The couple of more than two years confirmed the split themselves in a 6-minute YouTube video, during which they revealed the breakup actually happened six months ago. “Liza broke up with my six months ago,” David confirmed. “It wasn’t healthy for us to continue to be together…for now.” Liza added, “What we’re saying is we’re friends and you never know what could happen…for now.” The exes kept things super goofy in the video, but also got quite emotional as they shared their story.

Liza admitted that she was going through some personal stuff and didn’t have enough love for herself to be able to give love to someone else, so she was the one who decided to pull the plug. “She felt that we’ve been kind of distant because we’ve been so busy, period,” David explained. “I was feeling that on my side, too, but I don’t have the balls to pull the trigger.” They actually didn’t even tell their friends about the breakup for three months, because they simply “didn’t understand” what was happening and were “so angry” that they had become so distant from each other. However, at the end of the day, they had nothing but positive things to say about each other after the split.

“Bottom line is, she’s the best girl ever,” David gushed. “Literally, I’ve ever met in my life. I know online Liza seems like she’s a really nice girl, but if you get to know her, it’s so weird…it’s the exact same thing. There’s not a bad bone in her body. Which is why it’s not fair that she feels..not the best..sometimes.”

Liza also assured fans that David has always treated her well, and that the breakup had nothing to do with a lack of love and respect for one another. They also promised to still stay best friends and keep making videos for their fans, who were, naturally, devastated over the news, but sent their love to the exes.

“The fact that David and Liza sat down, told us they broke up while still cracking jokes and supporting each other is sad yet so inspiring,” one fan wrote. “They continue to love and support each other even though they’re not together anymore. That’s real love and respect.” Another added, “David and Liza broke up I don’t believe in relationships anymore F***.” Awww! See more reactions above.

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