Debbie McGee: ‘It couldn’t have been worse’ TV star on ‘embarrassing’ breakdown ordeal

Debbie McGee, 60, told her Radio Berkshire listeners that she had to be saved by two men on Saturday after she broke down on a busy main road nearby where she lives. Detailing her “embarrassing” experience, she described herself as a ‘damsel in distress’.

It’s always embarrassing when you break down, isn’t it

Debbie McGee

Kicking off her self-titled radio show on Sunday morning, Debbie felt she needed to share the incident with her loyal listeners and thank the men who intervened to get her off the busy road.

“I was up bright and early all organised, got in the car and then I broke down quite close to wear I live, about two miles away,” Debbie said.

“I was pulling out of Blakes road, onto the A4 and I’d literally got halfway round the corner on the A4, it couldn’t have been worse, well it could have been… but the car conked out!”

At first the TV star admitted she believed she could get the vehicle going again, but alas it wasn’t giving in lightly.


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“It was firing but not going the whole way,” she explained.

“So, a couple of people went past me and asked ‘Can we help’ but I said ‘No, no I’ll be fine’ because I just thought it was damp in the engine.

She continued to detail the frightening experience as cars were “veering round her” while she was stuck in the middle of the road.

But eventually she was saved by a “lovely chap” named Mick.

“Sorry Mick, I can’t pronounce your surname, something like…” she stuttered and stumbled as she tried to pronounce her saviours last name.

“He started pushing me straight back up the road into the car park.”

But it didn’t take just one man to save Debbie from the dangers of the main road, it took two.

She giggled as she explained that another chap from her village rushed to her aid, to help Mick push her off the main road that was getting busier as people were off enjoying their weekends.

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“It’s always embarrassing when you break down isn’t it,” she laughed before thanking her heroes profusely.

While Debbie was happy to point out how embarrassed she was after her scary ordeal, she wasn’t too pleased after her co-host Julian Perkins left her red-faced following dropped a snide remark about her “noisy eating”.

Following reading a news bulletin, Julian re-introduced Debbie to listeners, but it wasn’t the glowing review she hoped for.

He joked: “It’s BBC Radio Berkshire with Debbie, who is eating noisily from her cereal bowl while live on air, Debbie McGee.”


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The host, who sounded puzzled, replied: “I was thinking I was being quiet!”

“I’m looking at our producer, you’re going to get a slap because he’s saying you’re telling big fibs.”

Julian laughed: “Is that right am I gonna get a slap?”

“Yes,” the radio host added, “From me.”

“I’m not complaining,” Julian jokingly replied.

The Debbie McGee show continues Sunday at 9am on BBC Radio Berkshire.

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