Defending Khloé?? Watch LeBron James Yell In Tristan Thompson's Face During Game!

LeBron James isn’t playing around!

The Los Angeles Lakers were hosting the Sacramento Kings in an NBA game in El Lay on Tuesday night, and right down in the closing minutes of the fourth quarter, LeBron let the world know how he feels about Tristan Thompson!

Driving to the basket and making a clutch shot while also being fouled, Bron put the Lakers ahead in a key moment of the game. And if his 31 points (including 14 in the fourth quarter!) in the matchup wasn’t enough, the basketball superstar let Khloé Kardashian‘s embattled ex know JUST how he feels about him!

Seriously, watch LeBron go off on his former teammate, who was sitting on Kings’ bench during the play, in this CRAZY viral video (below):


Did U see that?! Can you read lips?? That’s Bron looking RIGHT at Tristan after the foul and yelling (below):

“I’m a mother f**king problem, bitch!”


Tristan’s reaction afterwards is AMAZING, too — super sheepish with nothing else to do, as you can see at the very end of the video. Womp, womp!

Of course, there’s no reason to automatically assume Bronny is defending Khloé since he’s got no dog in that proverbial fight. And James did formerly play with Tristan when the duo were members of the Cleveland Cavaliers together, so there’s a whole different history between those two.

But who knows? The timing of this coming just a couple days after Tristan’s bombshell cheating cop and paternity admission is wild AF! Maybe he did get some righteous fury on Khlo’s behalf! Whatever it was, it worked.

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