Demi Lovato Caught Partying All Night Amidst Reports That She’s ‘Gone Off The Rails’

The latest news about Demi Lovato has been nothing if not disturbing.

It’s never a good sign when someone who’s been in rehab — and has been battling addiction — “falls off the wagon,” which is why the people closest to Demi Lovato have been concerned about her well-being.

And, according to the Daily Mail, these beloved people have a lot more to be worried about, especially since the outlet caught Demi Lovato leaving the club after “partying all night” with her alleged friends.

The outlet is reporting that Lovato went to the trendy Warwick nightclub and partied for about 90 minutes before leaving.

Reports from the nightclub suggest that the singer was “drinking heavily,” which is distressing, especially since she has been out and about promoting her new single, “Sober.”

Recently, when she performed the hit song, she broke down in tears in the process, which sources close to the singer suggest is because she can’t “stay sober.” In fact, the sources close to Lovato claim that she’s “making money off her relapse.”

Wearing black skinny jeans and a black cropped top, Demi Lovato didn’t look like herself as she left the nightclub with some questionable people in tow.

Friends and family of Lovato’s have said that they don’t like the new crowd she’s hanging with, and are concerned that they’re influencing her to “fall off the wagon.”

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As was previously reported by the Inquisitr, this is just the latest in Demi Lovato’s questionable moves.

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Recently, she fired her longtime manager, Phil McIntyre, while she was in the middle of her tour.

The Fabletics spokesmodel said that she’s trying to be in a “good, positive place” and is cutting off people who threaten her sobriety.

However, a source close to Lovato says that the reason she fired McIntyre is that he’s one of the few people that call her out on her bad habits, and she’s not trying to hear anything he’s trying to say to her.

Lovato also cut ties with CAST Recovery, her former rehab center whom she served as a spokesmodel for, which sources close to the “Confident” singer suggest is further proof that she’s relapsing, rather than staying sober, because part of her job as a spokesmodel for the sobriety center is to remain sober.

Prior to cutting ties with CAST, Demi Lovato had thrown major shade at the founder, Mike Bayer, before cutting all ties with him, even though the duo had a close, personal friendship and warm relationship in general prior to that.

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