Demi Lovato is no longer California sober: Sober sober is the only way to be

Earlier this year, Demi Lovato made a very big deal about how they were “California sober.” Demi’s definition of the term was a lot different than other people’s definition though. To many alcoholics in California (apparently), “California sober” means no drinking, but you might smoke some weed or occasionally have an edible. Demi’s definition of California sober was that they got to do whatever they wanted, just in more limited amounts. Demi was still drinking, smoking weed and possibly more. Sobriety recovery experts were very, very angry at Demi for their misrepresentation. Back in April, Demi even said that they were no longer even going to explain or talk about California sobriety because they wanted to “avoid scrutiny.” Well, months later, Demi had a change of heart. Demi posted this on their IG Stories:

I do wonder what preceded this. It’s none of my business, but I do wonder. My guess is that Demi realized that they were actually rationalizing the continued use of alcohol and drugs. Still, the road to sobriety is messy for a lot of people and I applaud Demi for showing the world that it’s okay to make mistakes, f–k up and relapse and still pick yourself up and try again.

Photos courtesy of Instagram.

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