Demi Lovato Spotted Holding Hands With Mystery Man At The Club — Is It G-Eazy?

There may be a new man in Demi Lovato’s life, and it could possibly be Halsey’s ex, G-Eazy! Demi left a club with a mystery mister, leaving fans puzzled and asking questions.

Don’t hit that “new couple alarm” just yet. Demi Lovato, 25, was reportedly seen leaving the Warwick nightclub in Hollywood during the early hours of July 14, according to Daily Mail. (Click here to see the pics). Yet, she wasn’t alone, as she was spotted holding a man’s hand while making her exit. The publication first claimed that the man whose hand she was allegedly holding belonged to G-Eazy, 29. However, that post has been taken down, leading many to speculate that it wasn’t Halsey’s ex in the first place. As for who this guy was, it remains unknown, as his face was turned away from the cameras. It could be anyone!

Halsey, 23, and G-Eazy on July 3. The “Bad At Love” singer announced the breakup in an Instagram post – “G-Eazy and I are taking some apart.” – and there’s some speculation that he might have cheated on her. Halsey tweeted-and-deleted a scissors emoji, which fans assumed was a reference to G-Eazy’s lyrics on “Him & I,” where he say “ever catch me cheating, she would try to cut my d*ck off,” according to Cosmo. She then tweeted the words “pumpkin eater,” which fans assumed was a reference to the childhood rhyme, “cheater, cheater, pumpkin eater.” Unlike the scissors emoji, the “pumpkin eater” tweet is still up.

“She really thought this time around was different,” a source close to Halsey EXCLUSIVELY told, “and at first it was amazing. But then she felt things were changing with G’s attitude and instead of them being like peanut butter and jelly they became more like oil and water.” Halsey, according to the insider, fell out of love with G-Eazy, especially since he acted “more like a tough guy rather than the romantic and sincere guy” who captured her heart.

Halsey certainly wasn’t thrilled to find out that G-Eazy was partying at the Warwick, living it up so soon after the split. Halsey thought that G-Eazy partying with babes so soon after the break was a “complete slap in the face,” and she had hoped he would “lay low and not try to show that he is such a playboy already.”

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