Derek Jeter Selling NY Castle For Nearly $15 Million, I Don't Have Time For It!

Derek Jeter ain’t got time to sit on a throne anymore — dude DOES have a baseball team to run these days — so now you can … if you’ve got NEARLY $15 MILLION LAYING AROUND!!!

The Yankees legend is parting ways with an 11,000-square-foot castle in New York that he used as a summer vacation home when he was a kid.

It used to belong to his grandpa … but Jeter bought the Greenwood Lake place way back in 2002 — ’cause, well, it’s a dope castle.

Jeets is pretty busy now as a part-owner of the Miami Marlins … and he says he just doesn’t have time for the 6-bedroom, 4-kitchen palace anymore — so it can be all yours, for a pretty penny.

Derek’s asking for $14.75 MILLION, according to … and if you wanna know what you get for that — it comes with a game room, a sunroom, a gym, a bar — AND A TURRET!!!

Nobody said ballin’ like D.J. would be cheap.

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