Did ‘Teen Mom’s Tyler Baltierra ‘Like’ A Comment Slamming His Pregnant Wife Catelynn?

‘Teen Mom’ star Tyler Baltierra caused serious speculation among fans after a screenshot came up on social media that showed he liked an Instagram comment dissing his pregnant wife Catelynn Lowell.

Teen Mom star Tyler Baltierra, 26, may have liked an Instagram comment that totally slammed his pregnant wife Catelynn Lowell, 26, and fans are freaking over it! It all started when a fan commented their opinion about Catelynn and Tyler’s relationship in response to a post from the official Teen Mom OG Instagram account. “She didn’t even want to watch the show with him, which was WHAT HE NEEDED FOR HIMSELF that was advised to him from his therapist, she had to go get all offensive,” the comment began. “I cannot STAND Cate. I hope he moves on from her at some point. He deserves a real woman not a little girl.” A screengrab posted on Reddit shows that Tyler actually liked the fan’s harsh straightforward comment, according to RadarOnline.

“So horrible that @tylerbaltierramtv actually liked your comment,” one shocked user wrote. “Good for him!,” another said. Since then, it appears Tyler unliked the comment but we can’t help but wonder if his temporary action means there’s trouble in paradise! We definitely hope not since Catelynn is expecting their third child. They already share adorable three-year-old Novalee and are the biological parents to daughter, Carly, 9, who was adopted at birth.

From some of the latest episodes of Teen Mom OG, however, we can see how it would be possible for Tyler to be angry at Catelynn. He’s expressed his resentment towards the mother of his children after she entered rehab for treatment without communicating her plans to him first and as the fan’s comment pointed out, their therapist suggested the couple watch the previous season of the show so Catelynn could see how much Tyler was dealing with at home. Catelynn refused to go along with the suggestion though and explained that she doesn’t like watching it because it’s hard for her and she doesn’t want to go through all the “hurt” and “sadness” again.

In addition to Tyler’s latest action on Instagram, there’s been other things that have caused people to wonder if a divorce is on the horizon. Catelynn changed her last name on social media from Tyler’s to her maiden name and Tyler has been posting cryptic poems that seem to refer to the status of their struggling marriage. We guess we’ll just have to wait and see where things go from here but we wish them all the best!

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