Divorce Lawyer Predicts How Kim And Kanye’s Split Will Go Down

It’s the end of an era — the Kimye era. While rumors of a divorce between Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have been circulating for well over a month, TMZ confirmed on Feb. 19, 2021 that Kardashian filed for divorce from West. We know that the couple is already far along in their divorce proceedings and that the paperwork was filed by family lawyer Laura Wasser. The biggest topic is custody of the couple’s four children: North, Chicago, Psalm, and Saint.

Nicki Swift reached out to high-powered divorce attorney Peter Stambleck, partner of New York City-based Aronson Mayefsky & Sloan, a firm that represents a number of celebrities and Hollywood heavyweights. Stambleck gave us the breakdown of what we can expect to see from this high-profile split. Of course, the prenup was top of mind.

“Kim and Kanye are at the very top of their professions and I have to assume that they have an ironclad prenup in place,” Stambleck explained. “That should settle most of their financial matters and, frankly, they’re both so wealthy they’re not likely to quibble over a few million dollars here or there.” Stambleck predicted that splitting up their shared properties — most notably their Los Angeles home and a ranch in Wyoming — will likely be a simple process.

Stambleck also added that Kardashian’s choice of lawyer was significant: “Kardashian selecting family lawyer Laura Wasser is a sign that she wants a quick divorce and she wants it to be as private as possible.” While all of this sounds amicable, Stambleck warned that there could be complications down the line.

A drawn out divorce would be bad for Kim and Kanye

As Kim Kardashian and Kanye West move along in their divorce proceedings, Nicki Swift spoke with divorce attorney Peter Stambleck, who gave us his expert take. “A long, drawn out divorce would be counterproductive and both Kim and Kanye have to protect their brands,” Stambleck explained. “From a business perspective, that’s the most important goal in what will be the most publicized divorce since the ongoing feud engulfing Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt.”

Kardashian and West have a prenup, as TMZ reports, which will ease the tension considerably. “With the finances covered by the prenup… the main issue requiring resolution will be custody of the children, parenting time and related matters involving their adorable kids,” Stambleck added. Prenups, he explained, cannot cover child-related issues or visitation rights, so that will be up to Kardashian and West to come to an agreement on what’s best for their children. If they cannot agree, there will likely be a custody dispute.

But Stambleck also addressed the emotional toll this is having on Kardashian and West. “Regardless of a couple’s wealth, there are emotions and feelings involved,” Stambleck noted. “By all accounts, the two love each other and making the monumental decision of getting a divorce is never easy, even when the handwriting is on the wall. I suspect they will do what many other divorcing couples do, throw themselves into their considerable work.” It’s never easy, but at least Kardashian and West have the legal part in place to make the process as simple as a divorce can be.

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