Dog the Bounty Hunter Continues His Brian Laundrie Search in Swampy Water, New Sighting Is Reported

In related news, a Florida man named Dennis Davis claims that he sees Brian, murdered YouTuber Gabby Petito’s fiance and person of interest the case, while hiking the Appalachian Trail.

AceShowbizDog the Bounty Hunter‘s Brian Laundrie hunt is only heating up. In a new Instagram post, Dog, whose real name is Duane Champman, offered new updates about his search for the fiance of slain YouTube star Gabrielle Petito a.k.a. Gabby Petito.

On Sunday, October 3, Dog posted a video featuring him going through swampy waters in order to find Brian, who is named as the person of interest in Gabby’s murder case. After being flanked by a team on boats, the reality TV star could be seen walking through waist-deep waters.

“The search has continued throughout the weekend on the islands off the west coast of Florida,” Dog captioned the video.

Dog’s daughter Lyssa Chapman, also wrote on Twitter on Saturday that she has joined the frantic search for Brian. “Update: Dads is physically following up on leads today, and I am digitally following up on leads. Keep the info coming,” she wrote on the blue bird app. “Persistent is key to getting #justiceforgabbypetito & #BrainLaundrie behind bar.”

Prior to this, Dog found personal items which he believes belong to Brian. Lyssa shared at the time that her father discovered those items at the Fort De Soto Park on Tuesday night. That prompted Dog and his team to believe that Brian could be hiding in the 1,136-acre park.

However, he was then reveled to be searching in an area deep in the woods of Shell Island where he found a can of Monster Energy Ultra Gold. He believed that it might have recently been left there as the can didn’t show signs of rust or fading.

In related news, a Florida man named Dennis Davis claimed he saw Brian while hiking the Appalachian Trail. According to the hiker, Brian was driving in a white pickup truck around 12:30 A.M. E.T. on Saturday in Tennessee near the North Carolina border.

Dennis said that he and some other hikers were going to leave a car at the Northern Terminus of the Appalachian Trail as he was going to sleep at the trailhead Friday night. He said that he was going to make a U-turn on Waterville Road when “a vehicle approached” from behind him and flashed its headlights, seemingly trying to signal to Dennis that he could complete his U-turn.

“There is no doubt about it. That was Brian Laundrie I was just talking to. 100%. Not a doubt in my mind,” Dennis said after looking up both a portrait and profile shot of Brian on his phone. “I pulled up alongside of the vehicle,” he continued. “…I rolled my window down and I started talking with the gentleman. I could tell right away that something wasn’t right with him.”

He thought the driver was “on drugs at first,” but then said that the driver “looked mentally shot.” He went on to note that the driver “didn’t look dirty at all.”

According to Dennis, the driver told him, “He said me and my girlfriend had a fight, and man, I love her, and she called me, and I need to go out to California to see her.” When Dennis advised the driver to take I-40 West, the driver said no because he would rather stay on Waterville Road by the Pigeon River. “He said, ‘No, I think this road that we’re on — I’m going to take it to California,’ ” Dennis shared.

“So I got to the next spot where I was going to park and I pulled open my phone and I started looking through pictures. And the thing when I was talking to him which really stood out to me was: He had a very full but short, very thick, dark, black beard and mustache. And so when I parked my car and I pulled up the picture of him on the internet…and there was that beard and mustache,” Dennis continued.

The hiker said that neither the FBI nor the police had contacted him regarding his report as of Sunday morning.

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