Donald Trump Accuses NBC & Lester Holt Of ‘Fudging’ Tape Where He Admitted To Potentially Obs

Donald Trump is on one this morning!

His tiny fingers are moving a mile a minute as he tweets endlessly about Russia and the media again, but this time, he posted such a breathtakingly stupid tweet that, well, we have to cover it.

Just a couple hours ago, Trump posted this (below) — and take special notice to what he said in the second half of it, about NBC News and reporter Lester Holt:

If you’ve been following Trump’s little saga as President, Holt should ring a bell in your head: he’s the guy who sat down with Cheeto and got him to admit — on camera, unedited — that he fired Comey “over this Russia thing with Trump and Russia,” therefore potentially admitting to obstructing justice.

Here’s the craziest part: NBC released the full, extended, unedited version of the interview MONTHS ago! (You can watch that interview HERE, BTW.)

In other words, nobody has any idea what Trump means by Holt being caught “fudging” the interview, or being “hurt badly,” because literally Neither. Thing. Ever. Happened.

Of course, Trump provided no proof for his claim.

Thankfully, others got right to the point of why Trump might have randomly done this now (below):

And somehow we’ll all continue on, as if behavior like this is normal in America — a political leader publicly accusing a media member of lying and doctoring quotes without any evidence to back it up, while video evidence actually shows the opposite as true.

What’s happening to this country?!

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