Donald Trump Jr. Shows His Relationship With Kimberly Guilfoyle Is Still Strong

Donald Trump Jr. and Kimberly Guilfoyle, or the “prom king and queen of MAGA,” became a conservative power couple under Donald Trump’s presidency. The duo actually frequented similar social scenes long before they became an item — and Insider claims they were spotted at events with their then-partners as far back as 2007.

Just for clarity, Guilfoyle was married to Gavin Newsom from 2001-2006 and then married businessman Eric Villency from 2006-2009, with whom she shares a son, per the outlet. Meanwhile, Trump Jr. was married to Vanessa Haydon from 2005-2018, with whom he shares five children.

In fact, it was their children that solidified the connection. Guilfoyle’s son, Ronan, and Trump Jr.’s daughter, Kai, went to the same Manhattan school, according to The Washington Post. So when Haydon divorced Trump Jr. in 2018, only three months later Trump Jr. and Guilfoyle were spotted making their public debut. According to Page Six, they were together at then-President Trump’s party for his new ambassador to Germany, Richard Grenell.

Since that romantic debut, Guilfoyle and Trump Jr. have become not only a couple, but also a force for MAGA — and even after Trump lost the election to President Joe Biden, the unexpected couple is still going strong. In fact, Trump Jr. jumped on social media to show that they’re still solid.

Donald Trump Jr. sang to Kimberly Guilfoyle for her birthday

Birthday posts are a real thing — even when you’re a famous political duo. At least Donald Trump Jr. thinks so. On March 10, 2021, he shared a video on Twitter of himself with Kimberly Guilfoyle in honor of her birthday. The video was available on Rumble, aptly titled, “How’s my singing?” Yes, friends, he sang.

Trump Jr. began the video promising that this wouldn’t be one of his “rants,” as he called them, and joked, with his arm around Guilfoyle, “It’s Kimberly’s birthday so we have to bring Kimberly into the rant.” He called her a “true MAGA warrior, the original Trump supporter.”

Trump Jr. got a little self-deprecating too, joking that Guilfoyle puts him in his place “when that needs to happen, which is probably often.” Guilfoyle found this aside very funny and said, “That’s a full-time job.”

Guilfoyle herself also uses social media to show that her relationship with Trump Jr. is still strong. She often retweets his videos on Twitter and also posts media clips pertaining to the rest of the Trump family, so she’s not only reminding the internet that she and Trump Jr. are still an item — but that she and MAGA are still very much an alliance.

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