Drake Fans Vandalize Kanye's Childhood Home with Signs, 'Burnt Out'

Kanye West and Drake‘s beef has trickled into real life harassment — some fan(s) of the latter took it upon themselves to hit up Ye’s childhood home with some hateful words in tow.

Photos surfaced this weekend of three different signs that appear to have been left on the front steps of the South Shore Chicago house that Kanye grew up in … and which he bought in recent years and is reportedly in the process of renovating.

It also served as the centerpiece of his latest listening event there in town — with Ye creating a replica version of the crib to help tell the story of his ‘Donda’ album. Now, it’s tainted.

Somebody left signage touching on Drake’s lyrical shots that he fired last weekend … in which he called Kanye “burnt out,” among other things. One sign echoes those words exactly, while another warns that Drizzy’s album, ‘Certified Lover Boy,’ is coming soon.

And the middle sign randomly takes a swipe at Justin Laboy — a social media influencer who’s been relaying a lot of Kanye ‘Donda’ news ately … seemingly on his behalf.

Luckily, no real damage to the home was done … but it still feels like crossing the line into a space that’s obviously sacred to Ye. Unfortunately for him, the address is widely public … and doesn’t seem to have any barricades or security around to keep nosy prowlers out.

The fact someone had the gall to go to Kanye’s actual house to do this perhaps speaks to the stunt he pulled on Drake this week … posting the dude’s Toronto address publicly.

If that is, in fact, the motivation, it’s pretty diabolical — and also suggests this feud is far from over … as it’s now fallen into the hands of what is a clearly overzealous fanbase.

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