Dua Lipa Slammed By Fans For ‘Accessible’ Clothing That Doesn’t Come In Plus Sizes

Dua Lipa is being slammed online by fans after revealing that her upcoming clothing line won’t cater to plus-sized women.

Dua Lipa, 22, is coming out with an “accessible” clothing line, which would be really cool… if it were actually accessible to a wide range of body types. The “New Rules” hitmaker revealed on Twitter on May 24 that she’s collaborating on a new capsule collection with H&M-owned brand /Nyden, and it’s not as inclusive as she’s making it out to be.

“I’m bringing 4 drops with the first one coming out this fall. I’m so excited for you to see these,” she wrote. When a fan asked her if the clothes will be unisex, she responded, “Yes what ive wanted to do with this collection is so that its universal and accessible for everyone.” Dua also said that line will be available to shop online, so fans all over the world can get their hands on the products. Great, right? Well, in a now-deleted post, she noted that the collection “goes up to a size 16 UK,” according to The Independent. That’s the average size of a woman from the UK. It also translates to a US size 12.

Upon finding out that this “universal” line wouldn’t actually be made for women who wear sizes larger than a US size 12 – which, BTW, is smaller than the average American woman, who wears a size 14-16 – fans started slamming the singer for her lack of inclusivity in her forthcoming clothing line. “You have fans that are bigger than a size 16, they should be catered for as well. I love you, but bigger people shouldn’t be penalised and they deserve their sizes to be included,” one fan tweeted. “dua lipa says her clothing line is gonna be accessible for everyone but it’s only gonna go up to a size 16?? like?? sis what abt your plus size fans,, bc 16 isn’t plus size,” said another.

The brand she’s working with also isn’t known for being size-inclusive – /Nyden currently doesn’t offer the size XL for women, and instead caps their range at Large, which translates to a UK size 14, or a US size 10. Here’s hoping that Dua deleting the tweet about sizing is her way of signaling that she’s trying to get her collection to come in more sizes behind the scenes.

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