Elastigirl’s Face Falls Off After She Trips At Disney World & Fans Freak In Newly Surfaced Video

Oops! ‘Incredibles 2’ star Elastigirl suffered an embarrassing mishap when she tripped and caused her face to fall off right in front of shocked fans during a meet and greet at Disney World.

Oh no! Incredibles 2 character Elastigirl took a fall and her face came right off in front of fans during a full meet and greet event at Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL and it caused quite the shock to everyone watching. The newly surfaced video, which is from 2014 and was filmed by an attendee at the event, has once again made its way around the internet for its wild content and we have to admit that it’s pretty memorable. In the eye-catching clip, Elastigirl can be seen walking out on stage and waving to the crowd as she’s introduced and within seconds, she trips and falls to her hands, causing the face part of her mask to come off leaving only the hair part of the costume. A man quickly rushes to her side and picks up the fallen face and hands it back to her as she walks away with her back to the crowd, who don’t know whether to be amused or horrified at the mishap.

This isn’t the first time a Disney park had something go awry. Back in May of this year, the park made headlines when its dragon float from Maleficent accidentally caught fire during a parade causing the local fire department to come down and put it out. Luckily, no one was hurt, but it’s definitely a reminder that no matter how well planned things may be, sometimes unexpected occurrences can happen and its best to be properly prepared for when they do!

Despite the sometimes mishaps, Disney World has long been known for being one of the happiest and most entertaining places in the country. It’s one of the top vacation spots for families, especially those with young children, and with appearances from characters in all kinds of animated films, we can see why! From Cinderella to Ariel from The Little Mermaid, it seems like you can see just about anyone in the park and that makes it truly a place where dreams can come true!

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We’re glad to know that Elastigirl seemed like she wasn’t seriously hurt. We hope all the characters can continue to stay safe in the future!

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