Emma Corrin, Gillian Anderson & Josh O’Connor win Golden Globes for ‘The Crown’


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The awards-show affection for The Crown gives me such Downton Abbey flashbacks. It’s weird – Downton Abbey, as an awards-favorite, existed in the same timeline as the good seasons of Game of Thrones. But the fussy awards shows always preferred to give awards to a show like DA rather than GoT. The Crown is just a more realistic version of DA, as far as I’m concerned: a soap opera based on the truth.

Anyway, we knew that Season 4 of The Crown would be a big deal, because they dealt with Margaret Thatcher and Princess Diana. Both of whom “won” at the Golden Globes. Gillian Anderson (Thatcher), Emma Corrin (Diana) and Josh O’Connor (Prince Charles) all won Globes for The Crown’s Season 4. In Emma’s case, I feel like it was richly deserved. She really did a good job with Diana, and there’s definitely the feeling that Emma cracked the code about how to play such an iconic 20th century figure.

None of The Crown’s people were actually in New York or LA – everyone was in London, except for Gillian Anderson, who seemed drunk and alone in Prague of all places. Emma wore a Miu Miu ensemble which seemed to make her look like a haute couture clown. Which is fine! If you’re going to do a virtual awards show, why not dress up like a fancy clown? Josh O’Connor wore Loewe and honestly, he looked amazing and his speech was completely charming and lovely (he spoke about mental health in the pandemic). Gillian wore Dior! She really went for a LOOK. I feel like I would have hated this on the red carpet, but I really enjoyed it remotely.


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