Ethan Dolan, 18, Hospitalized After Life Threatening Motorcycle Accident — See His Scary Pic

Ethan Dolan is lucky to be alive. The YouTube star – one half of the wildly popular Dolan Twins – got into a ‘pretty f*cked’ motorcycle accident. Is he going to be okay?

The Dolan Twins have over six million subscribers on YouTube and every one was given a shock on Aug. 5 when Ethan, 18, revealed that he “got into a pretty fucked motorcycle accident.. I’m completely fine. Somehow. I realize no matter your ability, anything can happen. Just in general anything could happen, enjoy everyday and just be grateful to be here.” While Ethan didn’t go into detail as to what happened or how badly hurt he was, his twin brother Grayson shared a picture of his bro in the hospital.

“He’s fine,” Grayson captioned the photo of Ethan. “He just scared tf out of his brother… me, I’m his brother that was scared.” In the picture, Ethan’s left hand seems pretty torn up, while there is some visible damage on his right. He seems generally okay, which has to be a relief to his family, fans and friends. “On the real,” Grayson added, “god was with us today. Don’t know what I would’ve done if something serious happened. Love you E”

For anyone who’s afraid that Ethan might have another brush with death, he reassured everyone that he’s going to just call an Uber from now on. “Not riding again, don’t worry lol I’m very much over it.” Ethan’s fellow YouTube stars – Alex Lange, Shane Dawson and the like, per BuzzFeed. A hashtag — #LoveForEathan – began trending, as fans sent their support towards their fave. “thank you ethan for truly and sincerely every smile you’ve put on my face. you’re so genuine and down to earth. i respect your maturity at your age. we love you, we support you, we care for you. #LoveForEthan,” one user, @Embarrassedolan, tweeted.

This hospital visit came one year after one of the darkest – and more honest – moments in the Dolan Twins’ careers. While filming a video for their channel, Ethan wasn’t feeling great, and things took a turn for the worse when he and Grayson realized they weren’t going to be able to finish the video. Ethan “got really stressed” and started to lose control of himself. Grayson attempted to calm Ethan down, but the two took a tumble, causing Grayson to break his finger. Ethan, out of frustration, punched a glass window.

“Prob not going to be able to get a video up sorry guys… just had hand surgery today and recovering. I’ll be okay all good,” he tweeted. In a later video, the Dolan Twins said they weren’t taking care of themselves mentally while making videos for their fans.

“It’s hard to make a comedy video that people are gonna laugh at when, on the inside, you feel like breaking down, curling into a ball, and not having to deal with anything in the world,” he explained later, per Clevver. Moral of the story is to be honest with yourself,” Ethan concluded. “It’s better to feel sad than fake your feelings.”

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