Even David Spade Thinks He Looks Like Benny From The Queen's Gambit

The internet has certainly had thoughts about Benny from The Queen’s Gambit, including everything from thirst to thinking he looks like David Spade. During The Netflix Afterparty with David Spade, David spoke with star Anya Taylor-Joy about chess, the success of the show, and how they both apparently resemble Thomas Brodie-Sangster.

“Everyone was going around and saying, ‘Your celebrity look-alike’s Angelina Jolie. You’re like Cate Blanchett. You’re this person.’ And no one could pick one for me and then eventually one person was like, ‘You look like the kid from Love Actually,” Anya recalled to David. “That’s how I heard about your show,” David added. “I posted a picture of you two on Instagram and they said, ‘This dude looks like you.’ And I go, ‘Yeah, maybe he looks like me after a nine day crystal meth binge.’ But that kid’s cool and he’s got a cool hat on.” You can watch their fully ridiculous interview above.

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