Everything You Need to Know About TikTok Star and Charli D'Amelio Lookalike Ellie Zeiler

Something I can’t wrap my head around is the fact lil teenager bbs are getting legit famous for posting seconds-long, dance-heavy videos on ze TikTok. The way the internet works is just pure WIZARDRY, y’all. Exhibit A: In just a matter of months, Ellie Zeiler went from being a typical teen to a bona fide household name (if your house is full of Gen Z kids, that is). Can you fathom this? ‘Cause I barely can!!

Basically, Ellie had a wayyyyy better quarantine than the rest of us—she started TikTok because she was bored, figuring out how to get around the parental controls her mom had set up, and basically blew up on the platform immediately. She was still in high school when this all happened, and was trying to balance schoolwork with becoming a literal internet sensation. (She also compares TikTok to high school, which feels right.)

You might know Ellie because she looks scarily similar to Charli D’Amelio. And yes, she’s been involved in beef with a few other famous TikTokers (and some super-shady trolls). But there’s sooo much more to the gal. And let’s be real: You can’t build a successful social media presence on celebrity resemblance alone. Ellie’s TikTok and Instagram are booming, and she’s reached over 100K subscribers on YouTube. This isn’t it for her, though, and you’re fore sure going to see and hear more of her in the next couple years. So get the scoop on her life below.

She’s only 18 years old.


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Ellie was born on March 6, 2004, so she’s a Pisces queen!

She’s single—maybe.

Context! Ellie hinted at a relationship on her Insta Stories in October 2021 that she was *with* a guy (his name’s Tanner Harvey, and he got her flowers!). But in March, she said she was single, according to a comment response on TikTok:


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But! In a recent episode of BFFs, musician and influencer Josh Richards admitted that the two went out on a date, and they might go out on a date again. Fans are into it, but also, per TikTok, he’s been hanging out with basketballer Mia Mastrov, so I don’t even know.

And she loves Timothée Chalamet.

I mean, same, but she has a way better chance of meeting him than I do.

She has 10.6 million followers on TikTok.

She’s known to post dancing and mini vlog-style videos, but that’s not all (she posted about politics, and it was a whole thing—more on that below).

On Instagram, she has almost two million followers.


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Catch her sporting the CUTEST outfits.

She’s got a YouTube channel, too.

In early 2021, she reached 100K subscribers. Look at that shiny plaque!

Link In bio to subscribe if ya want…

Also, now it’s at 115k and she mostly posts shorts.

Being in front of the camera is very familiar to her.

If you’re into the ~culinary arts~ you might’ve seen Ellie on TV before. A few years ago, she was on an episode of Chopped Junior, but her time on the show was pretty short-lived and she got chopped.

She got briefed by the White House (then there was drama).

In March 2022, Ellie was one of 30 influencers on an informational Zoom call about the war in Ukraine. Per Washington Post, Ellie said, “I’m here to relay the information in a more digestible manner to my followers…I would consider myself a White House correspondent for Gen Z.” She later posted a vid about it:

Link in my bio to help ❤️

But then trolls came out, and Ellie clapped back with a TikTok video saying, “Misogyny is very much alive and well in the media…Isn’t it interesting that out of all 30 creators, I’m the only one being body-shamed and discredited for being a young woman interested in politics on social media?”

Charli D’Amelio is a big part of her social media fame.

Before Ellie blew up, fans left comments about how much she looks like Charli. I mean, the people aren’t wrong, they’re basically twins!

She had beef with fellow TikToker Cynthia Parker.

In an IG Live, Ellie said that she called Cynthia’s boyfriend Quinton Griggs “cute” around the same time he allegedly got caught cheating on Cynthia. Ellie tried complimenting Cynthia on TikTok, but Cynthia didn’t respond kindly.

Cynthia addressed the drama on Instagram Live.

Cynthia said that she should have just said “thank you” in response to Ellie’s comment instead of acting on emotion. Ya live and ya learn, I guess.

Ellie (kind of) shaded Charli.

Someone commented on one of her Instagram posts saying, “Charli 😍” and she responded saying “but who is that?” Ellie clarified that she was asking that question about the commenter, not Charli. Hmm…

Turns out, she’s on good terms with Charli AND Dixie.

During an episode of the D’Amelio sisters’ podcast 2 Chix, Charli and Dixie discussed how Ellie and her family have gone through similar situations since rising to social media fame. “[Ellie’s] family was dealing with the same thing we were and her dad tried to react the way a dad would and be protective of his daughter, the same way our dad would,” Dixie said. “You know what? She blew up and she’s getting hate for how she did it. We get hate for how we did it. It doesn’t matter. We’re all in the same position, and honestly, [Ellie] is perfect.” Sounds like there’s nothing but love!

Her family is involved in her career.

literally as good as it gets and my last ask on my bday @rickzeiler @elliezeiler @williamzeiler @benzeilerr I❤️U

They all even have their own TikTok accounts.

Basketball is a big part of her life.

She played the sport competitively for six years, it’s casual.

She and her two best friends started a non-profit organization together.

They created “Together As One” after their synagogue was attacked. Per their website, their mission is “to influence our peers to have a more open-minded and inclusive view, and we figured that the most effective way to do this was through social media.”

She’s switched schools eight times.

Which TBH sounds quite stressful.

She plans on going to college.

TikTok isn’t just the end game for her. Her dream school is NYU and she hopes to study film.

She’s got lots of big plans.

Ellie was director of her HS’s film program, and even had a very early YouTube channel (that she deleted, so don’t go looking for it, lol). Even with her social media career taking off, Ellie hopes to one day be a movie director. She’s also always wanted to have a makeup company and work with Vogue/maybe even be on the cover—and is hoping TikTok will help her get there. Anything is possible!

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