Fans Defend Kylie Jenner as She’s Accused of ‘Grinding’ on Mom Kris’ BF Corey Gamble

The former ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ star faces the allegations after a video of her enjoying a gig with her mother’s boyfriend made its way on Reddit.

AceShowbiz -Many have come to Kylie Jenner‘s defense after a resurfaced clip brought her under fire. Fans of the former “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” star were quick to slam trolls who accused her of “grinding” on her mom Kris Jenner‘s boyfriend, Corey Gamble.

In the said video, which was uploaded on Reddit, the beauty mogul was seen dancing in a packed concert next to Corey and behind a female friend. While it was unknown what had happened there, the Reddit user wrote in the accompaniment of the clip, “Does anybody else find it kinda weird that Kylie was acting sexy in front of Corey and allegedly even grinded on him?”

It prompted one person to reply, “Everything this family does is hyper-sexualized and incest-like. It’s extremely disturbing the way the sisters grope each other any chance they get.” Another argued, “But [Kanye West] is the bad parent for not wanting his kids being groomed into superficial hypersexualized plastic dolls, people will realize he was right when they get older.”

Others, on the other hand, strongly disagreed with allegations. “she’s not grinding on him. In the first clip, he’s there, but if you pay attention, when Kylie and her friend start grinding on each other, there’s another girl where Corey was,” one fan pointed out. A second user opined, “I mean everyone kinda grinds eachother at a gig, and it is almost never by choice.”

Support for Kylie continued pouring, with a different user writing, “Y’all do way too much wtf . Leave them alone.” Someone else echoed the sentiment, “Y’all reaching leave that lady alone.” One person, meanwhile, fumed, “I know people can’t be serious. Like dead serious?!?! Social media has made it so people can’t live a ‘semi happy life’ unless they’re finding something to criticize about someone like her.”

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